hi there.

My name is Amanda. I like bluegrass bars, cider in cornmazes, skipping through vineyards, grinding my own tea, Miller High Life with a lobster roll, diner coffee, paying too much for kombucha, and dancing to the whir of a margarita machine. I also like to write. 

For centuries, drinking has been used as a method of bringing people together.  From tea ceremonies to wine nights, bonfires to poolside rum punch, there's something about sharing a sip that also means sharing a moment. 

On this blog, I use beverages to reflect the stories behind my travels, focusing on the people and places that make everything worth it. 

thanks for visiting!

Why cUP AND caravan?

The name "cup and caravan" was inspired by my former blog, Cozy Caravan, where I documented my coziest travels. Along the road, I realized how some of my favorite moments/best conversations/most passionate kisses were always centered around drinks, whether it be a cup of coffee or a michelada. I'd bring my couch-surfing hosts a six-pack of beer, launching into a 3-hour discussion on the pros and cons of the modern dating scene, or crawl into my best friend's bed with a bottle of a New Zealand white on a Sunday afternoon. I love that! 

Adventure fills our cups, metaphorically and literally. When I'm tasting a new libation, I'm tasting Brooklyn apartments, Outer Banks bunk beds, Big Sur campgrounds, Texas hotel rooms, and cabins off the PNW coastline. I taste bubbles and mint at 50s theme party and coconut tea in Venice garden